City Leaders Supervise Chang-Yi-Chang High-speed Rail Construction

Source:常德政府网 Date:2022-03-12 11:55:15 【Fonts:Small Big

On March 10, Tang Zuoguo, vice chairman of the municipal Committee of the CPPCC and deputy secretary of the Leading Party Group, went to the South Square of the Changde High-speed Railway Hub Station to supervise the construction of the Chang-Yi-Chang high-speed rail and held a scheduling meeting.

At the construction site of the South Square of Changde High-speed Railway Hub Station, Tang Zuoguo adopted the method of “seeing, listening and discussing on the spot” to further clarify specific matters such as “who is responsible for the work” and “how to solve the problem”.

At the scheduling meeting, Tang Zuoguo requested that the main body responsible for the construction of the Chang-Yi-Chang High-speed Railway should include not only the parties involved in the construction of the railway, but also relevant departments. The two sides should develop a comprehensive vision, earnestly shoulder their due responsibilities, coordinate and cooperate closely, and form a joint force of tackling tough problems. He emphasized that it is necessary to attach great importance, pay close attention to scheduling, vigorously promote the work without slackening, and regard the opening of the Chang-Yi-Chang high-speed railway as a political task to ensure that the project is constructed and opened on schedule.


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