Scheduling Meeting of 2022 Taohuayuan Cultural Tourism Festival Held in Changde

Source:常德政府网 Date:2022-03-05 19:00:07 【Fonts:Small Big

On March 4, the planning and scheduling meeting of 2022 Taohuayuan Cultural Tourism Festival was hosted by Changde Municipal Government. Vice Mayor Yang Chengying attended the meeting and gave a speech.

At the meeting, the Management Committee of Taohuayuan Tourism Management Zone reported on the preparation and overall planning of the festival. The participating units then gave specific suggestions.

Vice Mayor Yang pointed out that Taohuayuan Cultural Tourism Festival has become a key cultural tourism activity in Hunan province. Relevant districts, counties and departments should use this festival to introduce more of the tourism resources in Changde to the tourists.

She urged Changde Municipal Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Broadcasting and Sports to take the lead to further improve the planning. She also urged Taoyuan County, Lixian County and Liuye Lake Administrative Zone to develop plans for jointly running the festival activities since there are sub venues of the festival in these counties (administrative zone).



Translator : Guo Weifeng

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