Changde to Renovate 285 Old Residential Communities in 2022

Source:常德政府网 Date:2022-03-03 11:15:14 【Fonts:Small Big

On March 2, it was reported from the meeting on the old urban residential communities’ renovation that Changde is going to renovate 285 residential communities on 2022. 37,000 households will be involved in the project.

Before the meeting, the participants went to Wanshouyuan Neighborhood, Lanjin Neighborhood, Jielongqiao Neighborhood, and 105 Block in Jinshi City for a field inspection. They listened to the detailed report on the progress of the construction and of the supporting facilities. At the meeting, Changde Municipal Housing and Social Security Center deployed the 2022 renovation work of Changde.

It was pointed out at the meeting that the renovation projects are crucial to people’s livelihood. It is an important step to build a fine city and realize the people’s desire for a better life. All relevant departments should work together to ensure a smooth start of the projects.

Up to now, 1,107 residential communities have been included in the renovation plan, benefiting 133,000 households.


Translator: Guo Weifeng

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