11.976 Billion Yuan Invested in Transportation Construction in Changde in 2021

Source:常德政府网 Date:2022-01-07 11:55:50 【Fonts:Small Big

On Jan. 6th, the reporter learned from Changde Transportation Department that in 2021, a total investment of 11.976 billion yuan in transportation construction (including highway and channel regulation) was completed in Changde, with a year-on-year increase of 3.031 billion yuan, and over fulfillment of transport investment. After excluding the provincial projects, Changde completed an investment of 3.802 billion yuan in transportation construction, accounting for 257% of the provincial assessment task.

In 2021, Changde attached equal importance to traffic construction and management and successfully completed various tasks. With the key traffic projects progressing smoothly, Anxiang-Cili Expressway was open to traffic, the control project of Yiyang-Changde Expressway double-line part was in construction, and the construction of Guanzhuang-Xinhua and Luhong Mountain-Cili Expressway and Shimen-Lixian and Changde-Nianyukou channel regulation also progressed smoothly. Besides, the reconstruction of 71 kilometers of trunk roads was finished. Meanwhile, Changde has completed a total of 335 kilometers of rural highway quality improvement and reconstruction projects, 650 kilometers of security projects, the renovation of 20 dilapidated bridges on trunk highways and 69 on rural roads, realizing a good start of the 14th Five-year Plan.


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