Ministry of Transport Visits Changde forAcceptance Check of the Demonstration Project of National Public Transport Urban Construction

Source:常德市政府网 Date:2021-12-24 15:50:27 【Fonts:Small Big

On Dec. 22, the Ministry of Transport acceptance expert group visited our city to carry out the acceptance check of the demonstration project of national public transport urban construction, and held a debriefing. Ji Langchao, director of the acceptance export group and secretary general of Urban Passenger Transport Branch of China Road Transport Association, chaired the meeting. Luo Heng, chief engineer of Huanan Provincial Transportation Department attended the debriefing and made a speech.

Since the city was approved as a national public transport city in 2017, it has focused on providing quality facilities, providing quality services, smart supervision and green travel, and basically completed all the target tasks to build a high-quality, green, smart and safe urban public transport system.

Luo Heng hoped that Changde will carefully comprehend the advice of experts, take the initiative to benchmark the experience of building public transport cities at home and abroad, further transform the development mode of urban transport, and deepen the structural reform of the supply side. Changde is also expected to further increase policy and financial support, focus on improving the level of public transport service, further give full play to the demonstration and leading role of public transportation priority, and constantly meet the needs of local people for travel.


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