Eight Wetlands in Changde Listed in the Second Batch of Provincial Important Wetland

Source:常德市政府网 Date:2021-12-22 10:50:07 【Fonts:Small Big

Recently, a total of eight wetlands in Changde were selected in the second batch of important wetlands at the provincial level released by the General Office of Hunan Provincial People’s Government released.

The eight provincial level important wetlands include Shuyuan Island in Anxiang County, Bird Island in Dingcheng District, Xifeng Lake in Hanshou County, Maoli Lake in Jinshi, Cenghuai in Li County, Daoshui River inLinli County, Xianyang Lake in Shimen County and Yuanshui River in Taoyuan County. The total area of our city’s wetlands is 190,890 hectares, with important wetland functions such as water conservation, climate regulation and biodiversity protection. At present, in our city eight national wetland parks (including pilot ones) mentioned above have been established, forming a national wetland park system covering all districts and counties (cities). Three national nature reserves, including Hupingshan, Wuyunjie and West Dongting Lake and two provincial nature reserves, including Huayanxi and Wangyangshan, have set up. In 2002, West Dongting Lake National Nature Reserve was listed in the list of international important wetlands. In our city 136,790 hectares of wetlands have been under protection, with a protection rate of 71.66%. The wetland environment has been continuously improved and the species of wetland organisms have also increased day by day. Our city has been one of the areas with well-protected wetland resources in China.


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