Municipal Leaders Supervise the Construction of the National Civilized City

Source:常德市政府网 Date:2021-12-21 13:45:33 【Fonts:Small Big

On Dec. 20, Peng Xiandan, member of the Standing Committee of Municipal Party Committee and director of Publicity Department of Municipal Party Committee, visited Changde Economic Development Zone, Dingcheng District, Wuling District, and Liuye Lake Tourist Resort, supervising the construction of the national civilized city on the spot.

The supervision group visited Lianhuachi Community of Changde Economic Development Zone, Changnan Bus Terminal of Dingcheng District, Chaoyang Farmers market of Wuling District, Ziling Library, Changde Railway Station, Qiliqiao Community of Liuye Lake Tourist resort and other places, focusing on the construction of urban community, transportation stations, public cultural facilities, farmers’ markets and other points. In view of the problems found, this group put forward clear opinions and required relevant departments to rectify them immediately.

Peng Xiandan pointed out that since at present our city’s construction work of the national civilized city has entered a critical period, the relevant units should earnestly enhance the sense of urgency and responsibility to implement the detailed work. The existing problems and deficiencies shall be rectified in accordance with the working standards, in order to make the quality and efficiency of the construction of the national civilized city continuously consolidated and improved.


Translator: Ding Yaling

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