Wuling District Wins Highest National Safe Construction Award Chang’an Cup

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On December 15, Ping An China (AKA Safe China) Construction Commendation Conference was held in Beijing. The conference awarded the 2017-2020 Ping An China Construction Demonstration City and Demonstration County. Wuling District was awarded the Demonstration County. The district was also awarded Chang’an Cup, a national honor for which the district had worked 12 years.

General Secretary Xi Jinping attaches great importance to the construction of the project Ping An China. To fully display the achievements of the construction, the coordination group of the project selects demonstration cities and demonstration counties every four years.

With the goal of building a central urban area with the best social security, Wuling District strengthened and innovated social governance and people’s sense of satisfaction improved. In 2017, Its “Internet plus Anti-drug” Mode, as well as urban and rural community governance innovation experience, was introduced nationwide. In 2018, its Intelligent Access Control System was awarded Ten Major Innovation Cases of National Snow Project. It has maintained the title of Safe District & County of Hunan Province for 15 consecutive years.


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