Three Villages Selected for Hunan Key Rural Tourism Villages

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The third batch of Hunan Key Rural Tourism Villages and the first batch of Hunan Key Rural Tourism Towns (townships) were co-released by Hunan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and Hunan Provincial Development and Reform Commission. A total of 46 villages and 11 towns (townships) in the province were selected. Saiyang Village, Shaping Town of Taoyuan County, Jiangjia Village, Sheshiqiao Town of Linli County, and Bailinzhou Village, Taoxianling Street, Taohuayuan Administration Area were among the lists.

Saiyang Village is rich in culture and tourism resources with a good ecological environment. With Wuyunjie National Nature Reserve located here, the village is titled National Forest Village. Jiangjia Village, Ding Ling’s hometown, relies on the unique ecological and cultural resources to fully create an immersive experience. It has built a Practice Base for the red Party construction and research, which receives 1,000 people per day. Bailinzhou Village is located on an island close to the 5A scenic spot Taohuayuan. The Sunset of the Fishing Village, a popular photograph about eight scenic spots of Ancient Hunan was shot here. The fifth season of a popular reality show "Yearning for Life" was also filmed here.

The 3 villages won the title after going through multiple steps from voluntary application, official recommendation, on-site evaluation and expert evaluation, to joint research by Hunan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and provincial development and Reform Commission. Four villages (communities) in Changde had been rated as National Key Rural Tourism  Villages, and another four (communities) Hunan Key Rural Tourism Villages.


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