Premiere of Film Flying Red Scarf Held in Changde No. 6 Middle School

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The premiere of the film Flying Red Scarf was held in Changde No. 6 Middle School, which was a part of the campaign Illumination from the Art of Light and Shadow.

In June, 2021, a notice on carrying out the campaign Illumination from the Art of Light and Shadow in primary and secondary schools was co-issued by Hunan Provincial Department of Education, the Publicity Department of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee and Hunan Provincial Film Bureau. The notice asks schools to organize film watching so as to help students strengthen moral cultivation, cultivate the spirit of patriotism, and improve aesthetic values. The activities can be carried out in schools in various forms. In remote areas, relevant film production and distribution units (cinema units) are to provide an on-the-spot free film-watching service. In urban schools, copies of films are provided for campus screening. Students can also be accompanied by parents to watch films in cinemas in winter and summer holidays or at weekends.

Flying Red Scarf, a film specially made for the Chinese Young Pioneers, was selected to open the campaign. It is a narration of the growing-up process of the Young Pioneer Wang Dingding, who followed the research team to carry out a field trip in Anhua County, Yiyang, which was regarded as the cradle of badminton world champions. The film depicts various characters such as badminton coach Fang Guozhang and talks about friendship, inspiration and growth. It was warmly welcomed by teachers and students.


Translator: Guo Weifeng

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