2021 Zhangjiajie Winter Tourism Promotion Conference Held in Changde

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On December 13, Zhangjiajie City’s 2021 “Wonderland Zhangjiajie in Changde Tour” Winter Tourism Promotion Conference was held in Changde. Zhou Daihui, Deputy Mayor of Changde City, and Ouyang Bin, Deputy Mayor of Zhangjiajie City, attended the event.

At the promotion meeting, Zhou Daihui delivered a speech. He said that Changde and Zhangjiajie are connected by mountains and rivers, and he sincerely hoped that the two cities will use tourism as a medium to break the barriers of zoning and policy, and build an integrated cooperation of policy reciprocity, route mutual promotion, passenger source exchange, and information exchange. He also expected that the new model will form a new mechanism for co-construction, sharing and cooperation, and jointly create a new situation for the prosperity and development of cultural tourism in the two cities, and promote the high-quality economic and social development of the two cities with the tourism industry.

At the meeting, 12 major themed events of Zhangjiajie winter tourism were released, as well as five preferential incentive policies, including winter ticket discounts, airline team scenic discounts, and Zhangjiajie-Jishou-Huaihua high-speed rail tourism discounts.


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