Taohuayuan Airport Launches “32 Services” to Enhance Passengers’ Experience

Source:常德政府网 Date:2021-12-13 12:40:42 【Fonts:Small Big

This year, Changde Taohuayuan Airport has launched 32 practical measures for passengers to effectively improve service quality and make travel more comfortable for passengers.

Starting from the actual needs of passengers, the airport focuses on common needs and problems reported by passengers. It lists 32 practical measures for passengers. On the one hand, it focuses on optimization and refinement of convenience measures, like the introduction of convenience service boxes for travelers, or after taxis and buses are suspended at night, bus services will be provided for passengers arriving on the latest flight. On the other hand, it upgrades special passenger services, sets up an elderly care service counter, and provides one-stop services such as check-in, baggage check, and escort boarding for elderly passengers.

At the same time, it actively improves the environmental quality, including replacing the old faucets in the terminal building and adding a water heater to the sink, checking and repairing more than 90 lamps in the terminal building, and improving the brightness of the terminal building’s lighting, etc.


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