184 Organizations Win 54.64 Million Yuan from the Provincial R&D Financial Award

Source:常德政府网 Date:2021-12-11 11:55:47 【Fonts:Small Big

The Hunan Provincial Department of Finance and the Hunan Provincial Department of Science and Technology recently announced the 2021 enterprise and university scientific research institute R&D financial award supplementary fund list (including the 2020 supplementary declaration). 184 organizations in Changde are listed, and they can receive 54.643 million yuan. Among them, enterprise R&D awards amount to 54.120 million yuan, and university research institutes awards amount to 540,800 yuan. Both the total amount of awards and subsidies and the number enlisted that received awards and subsidies have reached a record high.

Hunan Zoomlion Construction Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd., located in Changde High-tech Zone, won the provincial award of up to 10 million yuan. This is the first company in Changde to receive the award with a fund of more than 10 million yuan.


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