The Municipal Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters Held the 24th Meeting in 2021

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On the afternoon of December 8th, Vice Mayor Zhou Daihui organized the 24th Chamber of Commerce of the Municipal Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters in 2021. The spirit of the national and provincial meetings has been passed, reports on the work of various professional groups and related units have been heard, the current epidemic prevention and control situation has bee analyzed in the meeting. Some measures have been arranged, including the deployment of the "two festivals", "two sessions", and epidemic prevention and control during the Winter Olympics.

Zhou Daihui emphasized that normal prevention and control must be kept vigilant. The string of epidemic prevention and control must be tightened at all times, and risk reminders should be issued in time after an epidemic occurs in China; regular personnel coming (returning) from overseas and domestic high-risk areas must be strictly controlled; gathering activities must be increased to strengthen the management and control. There must be an insistence on non-essential non-hosting, promoting online hosting where it is really needed, reducing the size of personnel, and strictly implementing various prevention and control measures. The inspection and control measures must be strict, adhere to two-way inspections. We must not only ensure that the higher-level assistance information for investigation, but also strengthen the initiative of individuals to declare and autonomous investigations by the community. The organizational command system at all levels must always remain active, and adhere to 24-hour duty and daily reports and zero reports. The vaccination should be conducted properly.


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