The on-site Meeting to Promote the Comprehensive Standardization of Product Certification Work of Hunan Province Held in Changde

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On December 8th, the Hunan Provincial Comprehensive Standardization of Product Certification Work Promotion Meeting was held in Changde. Xiang Shuguang, Party Secretary and Director of the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, Qian Junjun, Deputy Secretary and Deputy Director of the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, and Yang Chengying, Deputy Mayor, attended the meeting and delivered speeches.

In order to fully standardize the product certification and safeguard the interests of the people, Changde has undertaken the innovative reform pilot program of the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau. This year, Changde has integrated the comprehensive standardization of product certification work in the key points and assessment content of deepening reform work written in the government work report, listing them as the main index of this year’s performance appraisal, and including them in the enterprise quality management evaluation index. The "four inclusions" have been realized. The whole process of this work can be assessed. Through the implementation of "unified standards, unified templates, unified implementation" joint assistance services for enterprises, docking with the product certification service cloud platform, achieving producer labeling, seller verification, consumer verification, and supervisor verification, so that each product is traceable in every link. Up to now, there are 1,000 companies implementing standardized product certifications in the city, and more than two million digital certifications have been generated, covering more than 1,600 kinds of products related to the people's livelihood.


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