Changde Experience in Sewage Treatment and Sponge City Construction Promoted in the Province

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On December 6th and 7th, the provincial government introduced the advanced experience accumulated in this work in Changde in recent years in the form of the 2021 Municipal Wastewater Treatment Quality and Efficiency Improvement and Sponge City Construction Promotion Conference in Changde. . Chen Wenhao, Vice Governor of the Provincial People's Government, attended the meeting and emphasized that there is a long way to go to promote the improvement of sewage treatment quality and efficiency and the construction of sponge cities. All departments at all levels must solidly advance various tasks with the determination to overcome difficulties and long-term resolution. Related departments must ensure that all assessment tasks are completed before the end of the year.

The meeting was chaired by Li Xianxing, Deputy Secretary-General of the Provincial People's Government. Lushan, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of the Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the head of the Department, gave a briefing on the progress of the improvement of sewage treatment quality and efficiency and the construction of sponge cities in the province. Zhou Zhenyu, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and acting mayor, introduced the work experience of our city with the topic of "Systematic Governance and Continuous Efforts to Build a Clear Water City by Dongting Lake".

In recent years, Changde has taken the lead in promoting the quality and efficiency of urban sewage treatment in Hunan province, and has further promoted the construction of sponge cities. Focusing on "water absorption, storage, seepage, and purification", at the source of 17 catchment areas, it has reconstructed LID rainwater and drainage facilities, intercepting and blocking 118 sewage outlets along the river, 26 pumping stations supporting the construction of 150,000 square meters of ecological filter, construction and restoration of key rivers and lakes of 82 kilometers of ecological revetment, which are capable of effectively improving the water intake and purification of the urban water system. At present, the city's urban areas have basically achieved a complete treatment of domestic sewage, the elimination of direct discharge of sewage and black and odorous water bodies. The water quality of each water body has maintained the surface water level IV trending standard all year round.

Chen Wenhao emphasized that the promotion of sewage treatment is to improve the quality and efficiency and the construction of sponge cities is a concrete measure to implement Xi Jinping’s thoughts on ecological civilization. The inevitable requirement of the yearning is that all levels and departments must improve their political positions and fully understand the importance; they must further adhere to the problem orientation, find out the basics, make plans, and make up for the shortcomings of facilities, Also they must unswervingly complete the key tasks of improving the quality and efficiency of sewage treatment, further strengthening overall coordination and effectively enhancing the joint force of sewage treatment. The mission is to make new contributions to the construction of a new modern Hunan.

Before the meeting, the delegates conducted on-site inspections on the construction of sponge city in Changde, including the sewage treatment improvement and efficiency project in Jiangbei urban area, the reconstruction of urban water system, the comprehensive improvement of black and odorous water bodies, and the pilot wetland purification of sewage treatment plant tail water.

Vice Mayor Yin Zhengxi attended the meeting.


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