Three Measures to Accurately Grasp the Reform and Management of Rural Homestead

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Recently, Peng Yuanping, a villager in Group 11 of Zengjiahe Community, Jiannan Town, Lixian County, finally had his problem solved. Last month, he applied to the community to renovate the old house. After receiving the application, the town’s Natural Resources Institute and the Joint Approval Office conducted on-site surveys. The land type was consistent, but the foundation needed to be retreated because it was next to the county road. Peng Yuanping could not accept the instruction at first, but after hearing the patient explanation of the staff , he took the initiative to reduce the area of his house. At present, the town government has issued the homestead approval paper for it. Party members and cadres in the agricultural economic system of the city fully implement the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Party, deepening rural reforms in the new stage, focusing on the reform and management of rural homesteads, and sparing no effort on the three aspects of "being well-informed", "true management" and "strict control". Starting with accuracy and carefulness, rural construction is steadily advancing, and the rural "appearance" is gradually improving.

Publication must be conducted around every corner of the community to ensure its popularity. The agricultural economics department integrates various resources in rural areas, and strives to strengthen the broadcasting power of rural housing construction policies to ensure that the local citizens really understand and use them. More than 4,600 banners and slogans were posted at all levels in the city, and more than one million publicity brochures were issued, plus more than 1,500 publicity vehicles dispatched, and 180 “eight prohibitions” used for publicity. At Caijiatang Village, Yangxiqiao Town, Taoyuan County, the staff integrated housing policy publicity and followed the village rules and people’s conventions, guiding the masses to establish the concept of “applying first, building later”, and formed a good public opinion atmosphere; they increase exposure to educate people, especially the negative cases.

The key point is to straighten out the mechanism to promote "true management." Relevant departments have further rationalized the system and mechanism, promoting the decentralization of the "two powers" of approval power and law enforcement power, establishing a joint review and approval system for rural housing construction, and providing mechanism guarantees for "who can build", "where" and "how to build". At present, the 159 agricultural towns (streets) in the city have established a joint examination and joint office working mechanism for external acceptance of windows and internal joint operation of multiple departments. Lixian, Linli, Jin City and other places, in accordance with the "Rural Villager Housing Construction Prohibition List" and "Rural Housing Construction Application Approval Flowchart", clarified the villagers' housing construction standard template, formulated site selection, fixed pile routing, and completion approval - the "Three Attendance" technical regulations. More than 100 sets of house building atlases were provided to the villagers.

Real supervision and guidance has ensured "strict control." In accordance with the hard requirements of "early detection, early reporting, and early disposal". The village level implements dynamic inspections, township, weekly inspections, county-level, monthly inspections, and city-level, quarterly inspections. All these measures are to strictly prevent constructions without approval. For the 293 suspected plots assigned by superiors to occupy arable land and build houses from January to July, all of them were fully verified, carefully screened, and promptly responded as required. A total of three Supervision Notices were issued, six persons in charge were interviewed, and three towns (streets) persons in charge were given admonitions and the above handling. The sanctions have effectively reversed the problems of farmers’ disorderly construction of houses and disorderly occupation of cultivated land to build houses.


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