Agricultural Experts Pass on Wisdom for the Development of Pomelo Industry

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On December 2nd, the work promotion and academic seminar of the city's pomelo engineering technology research center was held at the Municipal Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Members of the Expert Steering Committee of the Municipal Pomelo Engineering Technology Research Center, heads of some districts and counties (city) agricultural and rural bureaus, along with some representatives of pomelo planting enterprises, cooperatives, and large growers attended the meeting.

In order to accelerate the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy, protect the featured citrus germplasm resources, and promote the development of the citrus industry, the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and the Municipal Academy of Agricultural Sciences jointly established the Changde Pomelo Engineering Technology Research Center. The main tasks of the center are to carry out new varieties breeding and demonstration promotion, collect and preserve pomelo germplasm resources, build resource nurseries, study high-efficiency and high-quality cultivation techniques, and carry out research on functional components of pomelo germplasm resources. Technical exchanges and services are also included. At present, the center has selected and bred three new high-quality pomelo varieties. At the same time, it has adopted two methods including private collection and cooperation with the China Citrus Research Institute to introduce more than 300 pomelo germplasm resources at home and abroad.

At the meeting, Zhou Weijun, a professor from Hunan Agricultural University, delivered a report on citrus soil characteristics and improvement techniques. Li Xianxin, a researcher from the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, gave a special academic report on grapefruit. In the report, Zhou Weijun described the citrus industry and soil distribution, the soil properties of citrus orchards, the classification and characteristics of fertilizers, and introduced the methods of soil improvement in citrus orchards and the measures for citrus soil acidification treatment and improvement. Li Xianxin introduced the types and geographical distribution characteristics of pomelo resources in Hunan Province, the biological characteristics and quality characteristics, and introduced the current genetic diversity analysis the resources, identification of pomelo self-compatibility and S genotyping. The reports of the two experts have greatly benefited the participants.

After the meeting, the team members and expert group of the Municipal Pomelo Engineering Technology Research Center also went to the Golden Grapefruit High-Efficiency Cultivation Demonstration Base in Dayandang Town, Lixian County for on-site observation and evaluation.


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