Greetings and Appreciation to the Medical Workers at the First-Line to Prevent and Treat AIDS

Source:常德政府网 Date:2021-12-03 11:05:26 【Fonts:Small Big

      Dec. 1st 2021was the 34th World AIDS Day. Zhou Daihui, the deputy mayor of Changde, and his group went to visit medical workers at the first-line to prevent and treat AIDS and HIV-infected patients, expressing greetings and appreciation.


Zhou Daihui Visited Medical Workers at Changde Women and Children Health Hospital


Zhou Daihui and his group went to Changde Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Changde Women and Children Health Hospital, Changde Institute of Dermatology, and the 1st People's Hospital of Changde City, examining AIDS prevention and treatment in Changde, and expressing greetings and appreciation to the medical workers at the first-line. Also, he asked them to go on to improve their capability in AIDS prevention and treatment and to provide better service. In Changde Institute of Dermatology, Zhou Daihui visited some HIV-infected patients, encouraging them not to lose confidence in life, and to accept treatment and nursing actively.

Zhou Daihui mentioned that AIDS prevention and treatment is an important work which requires the participation of the whole society.

Translator: Xiong Linfang