New Women and Children Development Plan Released

Source:常德政府网 Date:2021-12-03 11:35:41 【Fonts:Small Big

On Oct. 27th, Women Development Plan of Changde (2021-2025) and Children Development Plan of Changde (2021-2025) were released.

After five years of implementing the last plan, the women in Changde have further realized the equal and all-round development, and they have truly held up “half the sky" by further participating and contributing in economic and social development because their legal rights and interests have been better protected. The children in Changde have been given the priority to healthy development by optimizing their growing and developing environment, and a harmonious atmosphere for caring has been formed. Therefore, the objectives of the last plans have essentially been completed, and the overall development of women and children in Changde is on the forefront of Hunan.

Compared with the developing plan in the last period, "women and family", "children and safety", "children and family" have been added to the developing plan in the new period, carrying three features which are the overall leadership of the CPC, reflecting the characteristic of the time, and responding to the public in time, which offer the guidance to the women and children development plan in the new period.


Translator: Xiong Linfang