The Largest "Vegetable Basket" in Operation in Hunan - International Agricultural Products Trading Center of Changde Started to Run

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On Dec 2nd, Changde International Agricultural Products Trading Center started operating, which shows that the largest modern agricultural products trading platform in Hunan has started to work, filling the gap of the agricultural products trading in northwest Hunan. Zhou Zhenyu, the vice secretary of Changde Municipal Committee of the CPC and the acting mayor of Changde, announced the opening, and Shen Yumou, the Director of Hunan Commerce Department, attended the opening ceremony and made a speech.


The Opening Ceremony


Changde International Agricultural Products Trading Center, covering 1127 mu, is located in Ludishan Town, Wuling District, and it is invested and operated by Shouheng Group. All the businesses from the original Ganlu Temple Market and many larger operators of national brand agricultural products have settled there.

Changde Ganlu Temple Market was founded in August 1st 1996, located in Renmin Road of Wuling District, which was engaged in vegetables, seafood, aquatic products, and meat, and it was closed in Dec 2nd.


Translator: Xiong Linfang