Green Mine Construction and Green Mining Industry Development Promoted Actively in Changde

Source:常德政府网 Date:2021-12-01 10:10:34 【Fonts:Small Big

On Oct. 30th, in Changde, the information session was held by Hunan Natural Resources Department to preach the policies and regulations about the transformation and development of the green mine construction and the green development of mining industry. Cheng Songling, the inspector from Hunan Natural Resources Department, attended the opening ceremony, and Yin Zhengxi, the deputy mayor of Changde, also attended and made a speech.

For the past few years, the green mine construction and the green development of mining industry have been promoted actively in Changde. In order to construct green mines, specific rectifications on the development and utilization of mineral resources as well as on the sand-stone-mud mining were carried out consistently. Therefore, 136 sand-stone-mud mines, 32 stone coal mines, and other 59 mines were closed, and the number of mining licenses were reduced to 146, thus, the utilization of the mining resources is in a standard and orderly way, and the ecological restoration and benefits from the economy of scale are greatly promoted.

At the information session, Cheng Songling preached the policies and regulations based on the "committing to the new development philosophy and promoting the green mine construction ".


Translator: Xiong Linfang