Zhou Zhenyu Stresses the Construction of a Strong and Vibrant Industrial Park when Inspecting Changde Economic Development Zone

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On Nov 20th, while making investigation in Changde Economic Development Zone (CDEZ), Zhou Zhenyu, deputy secretary of the CPC Changde Municipal Committee and acting mayor of the Changde Municipal People’s Government, pointed out that CDEZ should focus on industrial projects by taking the five good parks as the general starting point, further deepen reform and innovation, and strive to build a state-level park with greater quality and efficiency, stronger strength and more vitality.


Zhou Zhenyu Inspects Changde Economic Development Zone

On the development of the next stage of Changde Economic Development Zone, Zhou Zhenyu pointed out that it is hoped that the Zone will take the establishment of the five good parks as the general starting point, make every effort to build a strong and vibrant park, and cultivate it into the locomotive and main engine driving the development of the city, striving to build a 300 billion park in three to five years and a 500 billion park in five to ten years.


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