Vice Mayor Yin Zhengxi Inspects Water Quality of Liuye Lake

Source:常德政府网 Date:2021-11-18 10:50:04 【Fonts:Small Big

On November 17, Vice Mayor Yin Zhengxi led the directors of Changde Municipal Bureau of Ecological Environment, Changde Municipal Bureau of Urban & Rural Housing Development, Changde Sponge City Construction Service Center, and the Management Committee of Liuye Lake Administrative Unit to carry out a Liuye Lake Inspection Tour.

Yin visited Maojiadang Port, Shuangqiao Port, Shilipu Port, Huashan Port, Luowan Sewage Pump Station, Wanjinzhang Domestic Sewage Pump Station, Sewage Lifting Pump Station of Liuyehu Tourism Industrial Park, Shagangdi Port, Tuogudi Port, and Dongjiang Port for inspection. He asked questions about the operation of each port pump station, and listened to reports on equipment maintenance.

Yin assigned spotted problems to relevant units on site and required the problems to be rectified immediately. He pointed out that the overall situation of the inspection was good. He asked officials at all levels to earnestly perform their duties and conduct regular inspections in Liuye Lake.



Translator: Guo Weifeng

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