Zhou Zhenyu Investigates the Development of Equipment Manufacturing Industry in Changde Economic Development Zone

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On November 16, Zhou Zhenyu, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Party leading group of the Municipal Government, went to Changde Economic Development Zone to investigate the development of equipment manufacturing industry.


Zhou investigated key manufacturing enterprises such as Sany Machinery Co., Ltd. and Zoomlion Hydraulic Co., Ltd. and asked questions related to production and operation, key project construction, technology R & D, industrial chain support, etc. Zhou affirmed the intelligent manufacturing capacity of Sany Machinery and Zoomlion Hydraulic Co., Ltd. As the largest mixing plant manufacturing base with the most advanced equipment in the world, Sany Machinery Co., Ltd. has vigorously promoted digital transformation. It has completed the construction of Lighthouse Factory 1.0 and invested 116 million Yuan to build 12 high-standard automatic production lines, and the production capacity has thus increased by 30%. From January to October this year, the company's output value reached 2.726 billion Yuan. Zoomlion Hydraulic Co., Ltd. is a key enterprise in Hunan Province. At present, it has made a breakthrough in the field of intelligent manufacturing, completed the automatic upgrading of phase I and phase II production equipment, gave full play to the capacity of the new production line, met the demand for hydraulic valves in the rapid growth of Zoomlion host market, and intelligently upgraded and built a "black light" production line by using industrial Internet technology, which aims to build a leading hydraulic valve intelligent manufacturing factory in China.

Zhou said that the manufacturing industry is an important support for modern industry. He pointed out that efforts should be made in the digital and intelligent manufacturing industry to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry through digital empowerment, realize industrial digitization and digital industrialization, and accelerate the formation of new economic growth points.

Vice Mayors Tang Zuoguo and Yang Chengying, Li Yuzhi, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Changde Economic Development Zone, Zou Rulong, director of the Management Committee of Changde Economic Development Zone, and Chen Aixi, Secretary General of the municipal government, participated in the investigation.


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