Wuling Bridge Reopened to the Public

Source:常德政府网 Date:2021-11-16 10:50:35 【Fonts:Small Big

On Nov. 15, Wuling Bridge (the First Yuanshui River Bridge) officially resumed traffic after closed construction that lasted more than 3 months.

Since it was completed in October 1986, Wuling Bridge has been open to the public for 35 years. As the traffic volume has doubled and the number of out of gauge transport vehicles has been increasing, the operation of the bridge is at risk. Under the circumstances, the city launched the projects of Wuling Bridge Maintenance and of North Ramp Construction to ensure the safety operation of the bridge.

On Aug. 8, the reinforcement and maintenance project of Wuling Bridge was put into action, and the bridge was closed for safety. On Nov. 15, Wuling Bridge officially resumed the opening of the main bridge deck, one month ahead of the schedule.

As the ramp reconstruction project of the bridge is not finished yet, Chengmenkou section(from Renmin Road to Jianshe Road) is half closed. The sidewalk from Ziyuan Road to Renmin Road section is closed.


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