Eight Awarded National Schools for Inheritance of Fine Traditional Chinese Culture

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On November 10, the publicity period of the third batch of national primary and secondary schools for the inheritance of fine traditional Chinese culture concluded. Eight schools in Changde, including Yucai Primary School in Wuling District, Sanchalu Primary School, Ganlusi Primary School (currently: Xuhui Dongsheng Primary School), Ziling Primary School, Wenchang Middle School in Taoyuan County, Linli County Experimental Primary School, No.2 Complete Primary School, Anxiang County Chulouzhou Middle School, have won this national honor among 1,885 schools.

In order to integrate fine traditional Chinese culture into the whole process of school sports and aesthetic education, and to educate young students to inherit fine traditional Chinese culture, the Ministry of Education of China first launched the school activities of fine traditional Chinese culture inheritance in primary and secondary schools and also in secondary vocational schools nationwide in 2010. Inheritance projects include national folk music, national folk art, national folk dance, drama, opera, calligraphy, traditional handicrafts and traditional national sports.


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