Broaden the Channels for Competing for Capital and Projects in Order to Support the Forest Chief System

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The reporter learned from the Municipal Development and Reform Commission a few days ago that as of the end of October, the city’s forestry project had sought investment of 71.08 million RMB from the central budget, which was 4.7 times that of last year.

This year is the first year of the full implementation of the forest chief system. Since the implementation of the forest chief system in Changde, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission has adhered to the development concept of "lucid waters and lush mountains are treasures". By working together with the Municipal Forestry Bureau, Changde will seize opportunities based on the reality of local environment of Changde, carefully planning and actively connecting with national and provincial development and reform, forestry departments, and vigorously striving for special forestry projects such as the protection of Wuling Mountain biodiversity.

The 71.08 million RMB central budget that our city has this year will be mainly used for the comprehensive management of forest fire high-risk areas in Changde City and the biodiversity conservation project in Wuling Mountain. Among them, the construction sites of comprehensive management projects in high-risk areas for forest fires are located at the city level and Dingcheng District, Taoyuan County, Shimen County, Linli County, Li County, and Hanshou County. The main construction work includes the construction of fire protection video monitoring system, central control system, fire source management bayonet, observation tower; equipment including high-powered telescopes and drones; construction of professional team barracks, fire protection material storage, storage tanks, forest fire engines, chainsaws, high-pressure water pumps and other equipment. The construction sites of the Wuling Mountain Biodiversity Protection Project in Changde City are located in Shizhi, Dingcheng District, Hanshou County, Shimen County, Linli County, Li County, and Jin City. The main construction work includes natural forest protection and afforestation project, degraded grassland restoration project, and etc.

According to staff of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, special projects have been added in such as the protection and restoration of the wetland of Dongting Lake, the construction of the national rock desert park, the national nature reserve, and the ecological restoration of mines in the key ecological zone of the Yangtze River. In the next step, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission will strictly implement the work requirements of the municipal forest chief system, strengthen the supervision and scheduling of national and provincial investment projects, accelerate the construction of projects in 2021, and ensure that various tasks are completed on time and that investment benefits can be effectively brought into play. At the same time, the related administrative department will actively study national policies and measures, continue to strengthen the liaison and reporting work, and strive for more forestry projects to settle in Changde, spare no effort in providing strong support for ecological protection and restoration in key areas of the city, and promoting the high-quality development of the city's ecological civilization construction.


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