Changde and Higashiomi Reached the "Sister City Agreement"

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On the morning of November 5th, taking the opportunity of the 22nd China-Japan-Korea Friendship Cities Exchange Conference, the Foreign Affairs Office of Changde Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce of Changde and the heads of the Planning Division of Higashiomi City, Japan had a discussion regarding further exchange and the continual of friendship through video connections. Future exchange plans were also discussed.

Changde and Higashiomi have been sister cities since 1994. The two sides have exchanged 40 delegation visits with 350 people. In the meantime, the two sides have also maintained close economic and trade exchanges. For example, Changde exports citrus, grapes, vegetables and other products to Higashiomi all year round.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic COVID-19, our city has ensured both the number of sister cities and the improvement of quality, and has continuously deepened exchanges and cooperation with the existing sister cities of Higashiomi, Japan, along with partner cities of Hannover Germany and Apasco Mexico. Changde also donated medical materials to Anuradhapura City Sri Lanka and started working with sister cities of Bucheon and Wonju City in South Korea and Munoko City in Uganda. At the same time, more than 50 times of "cloud diplomacy" have been carried out by donations, letters, telephone calls, and video conferences to exchange information, care for each other, jointly carry out anti-epidemic cooperation, enhance friendship, and build consensus.

At the meeting, the Foreign Affairs Office of the Municipal Party Committee stated that we will continue to integrate the city’s human resources and characteristic industries into the Yangtze River Economic Belt, the Yangtze River Delta, and the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and actively build the city’s cross-border e-commerce platform. We will also carry out international exchanges and cooperation in an orderly manner, present strength in foreign affairs, and serve the city’s export-oriented economy. It is hoped that Higashiomi City will strengthen in-depth exchanges and cooperation with Changde in industrial development, modern agriculture, urban construction, and cultural tourism.


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