Phase II Air Pollution Prevention and Control Meeting of 2021 Blue Sky Protection Campaign Ensures the Annual Mean Concentration of PM2.5 Under 39ug/M3 and Below

Source:常德政府网 Date:2021-11-03 10:50:34 【Fonts:Small Big

On Nov 2nd, the scheduled meeting of the phase II of blue sky protection campaign during the 2021 intensive care period to prevent and control air pollution was held, on which Yin Zhengxi, the deputy mayor of Changde, emphasized that the departments of all levels should try their best to prevent and control air pollution by the highest standards, the most strict requirements, and the most robust measures, in order to ensure the annual mean concentration of pm 2.5 in Changde under 39ug/m3 and below, winning the blue sky protection campaign.

On this meeting, The Implementation Plan to Prevent and Control Air Pollution for Changde Blue Sky Protection Campaign at the Intensive Care Period from the Second Half of 2021 to the First Half of 2022 and Changde Pm2.5 Controlling Measures at the Intensive Care Period were released. The spoke persons from Dingcheng District, The Department of Changde Housing and Urban-Rural Development (Civil Air Defence Office), Changgeng Street Community of Wuling District delivered a speech .


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