Two Regulations (Drafts) on Promotion of Civilized Behavior and Management of Dog Raising Approved by Vote

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Yesterday morning, at the 43rd meeting of the Standing Committee of the Seventh Municipal People’s Congress, the “Changde Civilized Behavior Promotion Regulations (Draft)” and “Changde Dog Raising Management Regulations (Draft)” were passed with full votes.

Both of these local regulations are related to the construction of spiritual civilization. Among them, the “Changde Civilized Behavior Promotion Regulations (Draft)” as a regulation for the promotion of spiritual civilization construction, for the first time include the core socialist values, encourage and guide citizens to abide by norms; targeting the uncivilized behaviors that the current society is concerned about , the regulations stipulate the corresponding legal responsibility. In addition, the city will establish a civilized behavior record system, and government agencies, institutions, people’s organizations, and state-owned enterprises should take civilized behavior records as an important reference in terms of recruitment and incentives.

The “Changde Dog Raising Management Regulations (Draft)” regulates citizens in terms of legislative purpose, scope of application, government and departmental responsibilities, dog immunization and registration, banning of sturdy and large breed dogs, shelter and rescue, dog-raising norms, and legal responsibilities. There will be strict and general management zones. Strictly managed areas include built-up areas in cities and counties, as well as other areas designated by the people’s government at or above the county level. The keeping of dogs should be strictly controlled in the area, and applications should be filed with the public security organ for the registration of a dog-raising license. Only applicants with full capacity for civil conduct, valid dog immunization certificates, residences in the strict management area and other conditions stipulated by laws and regulations can apply for the license. Going out with dogs in strictly controlled areas, not wearing dog tags, not using leashes or tightening leashes in crowded places such as corridors and elevators, not wearing muzzles, are all illegal and should be punished in accordance with the regulations.

It is reported that the two regulations will be issued and implemented after being reported to the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress for approval.


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