50 Model Workers in the Sanitation Systems Commended

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Yesterday, the 26th Hunan Environmental Sanitation Workers’ Day and Excellent Urban Beautician Commendation Conference was held in Changde. 50 model workers in environmental sanitation systems were commended. Vice Mayor Yin Zhengxi attended the commendation meeting and delivered a speech.

Environmental sanitation is not only a window to show the image of a city, but also a direct manifestation of urban civilization. It is also an important starting point to improve the living environment and enhance the quality of the city. For a long time, the cadres and workers of the environmental sanitation system of Changde City have silently persisted in and selflessly dedicated to the most ordinary and most arduous jobs, made important contributions to the continuous improvement of the urban sanitation environment and successfully won Changde the titles National Civilized City and National Sanitary City. They have made extraordinary achievements in ordinary positions, and they with actions they developed the sanitation spirit of dedication. They are worthy of being the “beauticians” of the city.

After the meeting, the cadres and workers of the environmental sanitation system also participated in a walk around Liuye Lake with the theme of “a New Era Low-Carbon Health Action”. Everyone said that they should take the model workers as examples, work hard in their posts, and continue to contribute to the promotion of Changde’s city image.


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