Opening Exhibition of the 1st Luoying Ancient Costume Video Show Held in Changde

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Recently, the exhibition of the 1st Luoying Ancient Costume Video Show was held in Changde Technician College. The exhibition was a special session of costume animation. More than 300 people from Changde City, including costume animation lovers, professors of relevant majors in colleges and universities, reporters from the media and entrepreneurs in related industries attended the event.

The video show was jointly planned and organized by the Information Engineering Department of Changde Technician College and a film and television media company. Eight short animation films were played to show the beauty of traditional culture as well as the magic of animation creation, providing a visual feast for the audience.

The after-exhibition communication was carried online due to Covid-19 epidemic. Students majoring in animation from Changde Technician College spoke enthusiastically with film directors and producing teams. They achieved a better understanding of the production process of animation and the various skills needed in animation making industry.

The theme of this activity is Seeking Dream in Taoyuan, meaning seeking the dream of light and shadow in the peach blossom garden. A total of 22 video works and 5 original IP works were shortlisted in the review process. In the follow-up, special exhibitions will be held in Hunan University of Arts and Science, Hunan College for Preschool Education, Hunan Institute of Applied Technology, etc.


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