Changde Planning Exhibition Hall Solicits Hall Logo

Source:常德政府网 Date:2021-10-18 08:40:35 【Fonts:Small Big

On October 15th, the collection of logo design of Changde Planning Exhibition Hall was launched. This event, jointly organized by Changde Planning Exhibition Hall, Changde Daily and Hunan University of Arts and Science, was to further enhance Changde people's sense of identity and belonging and better display the city.

It was learnt that this activity is open to the public. The logo is supposed to combine the elements of city construction, cultural tradition, green environmental protection and intelligent technology of the city of Changde.

The event will last until November 10th. The winner will get prize money of 10.000 Yuan. More detailed information can be obtained by visiting Wechat Public Account of Changde Planning Exhibition Hall. 


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