Mayor Zou Wenhui Supervises Maintenance and Reinforcement Project of Wuling Bridge

Source:常德政府网 Date:2021-10-17 12:20:09 【Fonts:Small Big

On October 16, Mayor Zou Wenhui conducted a field trip to supervise the maintenance and reinforcement project of Wuling Bridge.

The project was launched on August 8 and the bridge will be closed to the public within the period. The construction unit has adopted methods of cross operations to carry out a number of projects such as bridge maintenance and reinforcement, ramp reconstruction and anti-collision barrier construction simultaneously. Wuling Bridge is expected to be fully open to traffic in mid November when the project is completed.


Mayor Zou urged that relevant units scientifically optimize the construction organization, promote the beautification and lighting of the project and the planning of road facilities while concentrating on reconstruction and reinforcement of the bridge. He also demanded relevant units to speed up the progress of the project on the premise of ensuring the project quality and strive to create a safer, more convenient and more comfortable traffic environment for people in Changde.


Translator : Guo Weifeng

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