The 7th Changde Reading Festival & Book Fair Opens

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      On October 15, the 7th Changde Reading Festival & Book Fair opened at Xinhua Bookstore (Xiananmen) in Wuling District where various high-quality books on site attracted many citizens.

The month-long event was sponsored by the Publicity Department of Changde Municipal Party Committee and Changde Municipal Bureau of Press and Publication, co-sponsored by Changde Daily and Changde Xinhua Bookstore, and jointly organized by Hunan Shangyi Outdoor Media Co., Ltd. and Changde Fubosi Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd. Lectures and reading parties will be held along with other activities to bring vibes to the event.

The book fair displays and sells newly-published books ranging from social sciences, literature, politics, economy, to history, children literature, etc. Booths are set up to sell cultural & sports supplies and toys on the site. Parents and children may listen to stories, watch performances, and participate in handicrafts, calligraphy and painting there.

Changde Reading Festival has been held since 2015 and become a public brand advocating universal reading. This year’s Reading Festival stands out for its richness in content and variety in activities. In July, two book launches were held in Zhijian Bookstore in July. On September 4, a regular parent-child reading meeting was held at Fandeng Reading Club (Changde). The activities have made the concept of national reading more popular with wide participation of all walks of life.


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