Taohuayuan Airport Launches Special Services for the Elderly

Source:常德政府网 Date:2021-10-14 14:10:51 【Fonts:Small Big

October 14th is the Double Ninth Festival. Focusing on the differentiated travel needs of the elderly, Changde Taohuayuan Airport carried out special service activities in the terminal building, and launched a series of new measures to serve elderly passengers to travel by plane, and warm their journey with meticulous services.

The Airport arranged volunteers to provide a “one-stop” guidance service for elderly passengers, set up an “non-coded channel” at the entrance of the terminal, and actively assist elderly passengers who do not use smartphones to make health declarations. It set up “smart” guides, added check-in counters specifically for the elderly and provided “frequently-coming exclusive caring” stickers for senior passengers. At the same time, it also offered free consultation services, free “convenience handbags” and safety reminders for elderly travelers.

The airport also provided some elderly passengers with free lounge services in VIP rooms and delivered carefully prepared food, fruits and beverages to them, further enhancing the happiness of the elderly passengers.


Translator: Ning Bo

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