The DIP Payment System in Medical Insurance Launched in Changde

Source:常德政府网 Date:2021-10-03 08:40:08 【Fonts:Small Big

On Sep. 28th, the news conference was held to launch the DIP system in medical insurance. At the conference, The 1st People’s Hosipital of Changde City, The 1st Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital of Changde City, and Xiangya Changde Hosipital have signed Supplementary Agreement for Medical Insurance, becoming the pilot medical institutions of the DIP payment system.

DIP payment system is about the total budget based on the regional point method and the average payment by the type of diseases, which is to calculate the total amount to the medical institutions according to factors like the average cost by the type of disease, technological demands and etc.

On November 2020, Changde became the pilot city to launch the DIP payment system in medical insurance. Changde Healthcare Security Bureau started to set up the working mechanism immediately, build a team of experts and gather strength to organize. At present, the preparatory work had been done, which has met the conditions for the implementation of the DIP payment system. The next step is to gradually expand the pilot medical institutions of the DIP payment system.


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