Leaders Supervised the Epidemic Prevention and Control and the Production Safety During the the National Day Holiday

Source:常德政府网 Date:2021-10-02 10:05:33 【Fonts:Small Big

On Oct. 1st, officials led by Chen Hua, the Deputy Secretary and the Head of the United Front Work Department of Changde Municipal Party Committee, supervised the epidemic prevention and control and the production safety in public areas where there are larger flows of people, like the transition station of Changde, department stores, and amusement parks.

At the doorway of Changde Colour Visionland, there was a long queue of tourists because they should wear masks and have their body temperature, health code, the route of travel checked before entering. The order of the check-in counter needs to be better regulated. At the transition station of Changde high-speed rail hub station, the passenger flow reached 20,000 on Oct. 1st, Free Mask Dispensers at the passanger entrances have been in use and more than 1000 masks have been distributed everyday. The firefighting devices in the waiting room have been properly maintained, but the emergency evacuation routes need to be improved.

Chen Hua assigned tasks at the spot as soon as those problems were found.


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