Epidemic Prevention and Control in Changde Stood the Trial During the National Day Holiday

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During the National Day holiday, the flow of people has doubled. How can Changde not only meet people's leisure needs, but also ensure that epidemic prevention is in the right place? Yesterday, the reporter interviewed some densely populated places and some medical institutions in Changde. "Health Code Scanning" for admission has been performed in crowded places, and medical institutions have prepared plans to prevent and control the epidemic, so that the city's epidemic prevention and control are effectively in place.

During the holiday, large shopping malls that integrates eating, drinking, playing and entertaining have become the favorite of many citizens and tourists. At 10 o'clock yesterday, at Gate 3 of Wanda Plaza, the reporter saw an infrared body temperature detector at the entrance. The eye-catching signs reminded people to show their health codes and wear masks to enter the mall. The staff strictly checked visitors’ codes, with cooperation from the queuing crowds. Mr. Xiong, who returned to his hometown from Shenzhen, told reporters that he understands and supports this approach. After all, it is for everyone's health. At the entrance of China Resources Vanguard Supermarket, there are also signs showing the importance of health code, itinerary code and the warm reminder to cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control staff.

Before the holiday, the Fourth People's Hospital of Changde City carried out an emergency drill for the prevention and control of the COVID-19 to promote the field-job exercise, check the whole system and try to eliminate all the possible flaws and misses, thus to ensure the prevention and control of the COVID-19. The exercise was displayed in the second ward of the respiratory and critical care medicine department, fever clinic, and isolation observation room of the fever clinic, and simulated a COPD patient admitted to the second ward of the respiratory and critical care medicine department of the hospital. The body temperature was normal, and the health code and travel code were both green. However the health code changed to red the next morning after admission, and the hospital underwent a series of treatment and transfer procedures. The exercise comprehensively tested the implementation of the hospital's COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control measures, emergency response capabilities and handling capabilities. In response to some of the problems in the drill, various departments of the hospital conducted a summary and analysis, and carried out targeted training to further standardize and optimize the emergency response process, in order to improve the emergency response capabilities for patients with suspected new coronary pneumonia.

To ensure the epidemic prevention work during the holiday season, each department of Changde No.1 Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has made arrangements for first-line, second-line and third-line duty to be on duty and do a good job of storing all kinds of emergency supplies and medicines; they also standardize the implementation of three-level pre-inspection points in outpatient clinics, fever clinics, closed management of inpatient wards, nucleic acid testing, and pay attention to the epidemiological history of people who come to the hospital and the mobile personnel in the hospital with a strict implementation of these treatment to meet the requirements for foreign prevention import. At the same time, in order to face the challenge brought by the prevention and control of the COVID-19, the hospital has arranged a total of 50 nucleic acid emergency sampling personnel, who are on standby for 24 hours, and will be on duty within half an hour to carry out nucleic acid emergency sampling in an emergency.


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