Changde Citizens Practice Dining Manners: Clear Plates at Festive Dinners

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 During the National Day holiday, Changde's catering market ushered in a "golden period". On October 5th, the reporter found that with the joint efforts of catering companies and citizens, an economical-oriented dinning manner and opposition to food-waste have become the distinctive features of the dining tables during the holiday. Changde has set off a good dining table manner "Clear your plate".

“We have placed a table slogan in a prominent place in the restaurant, and we have also trained our employees to create a civilized dining atmosphere during the entire process of providing service to our customers.” According to a restaurant manager in Wanda Plaza, during the National Day holiday, the number of customers noticeably increased. Restaurant staff will advise customers to order in an appropriate amount, and they will also provide packaging services according to customers’ needs after the meal.

"We just had hot pot and we finished all our dishes." Ms. Wang, 23, had just finished the dinner with her high school classmates. She told reporters that everyone would order a lot of dishes during the dinner, even nobody could tackle that huge amount of food. This time, she and her classmates used the method “The punishment goes to whoever results in the waste of food”.

The reporter found that in addition to ordering an appropriate amount when dining out, many citizens also, based on their own needs, purchase ingredients from supermarkets for family banquets. In BBK supermarkets, more people choose small-packaged vegetables and meat, and there are fewer cases of "take as much as you can". "The most important thing about family banquets is family reunion. It's really unnecessary to show off during dinner. Instead ‘clear your plate’ has become the most popular.” Ms. Liu said with a smile.


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