The Provincial College Graduates Employment Event Launched in Changde

Source:常德政府网 Date:2021-09-26 12:20:31 【Fonts:Small Big

On September 24th, the launching ceremony of the 2021 College Graduate Employment Event in Hunan Province and a special job fair were held in Hunan Applied Technology University. The theme of this event is “Help Navigation, Create Youth”, and the activities include a launching ceremony, employment service and entrepreneurship service and will last until the end of December.

The site prepares nine special areas, including college graduate recruitment company, special career guidance services, “cloud employment” services, training internship services, brand display, assistance and rights services, entrepreneurship competitions, entrepreneurship lectures, employment and business policy guidance, etc. It provides a full range of assistance services for recent college graduates.

As the highlight of this event, the special job fair has attracted 210 key enterprises from Changde Economic Development Zone, Changde High-tech Zone and industrial parks of various districts and counties (cities). 5,411 posts have been provided. More than 3,000 graduates from Hunan University of Arts and Sciences, Hunan Applied Technology University and other six schools attended the fair and sent applications, among which 1,071 have reached initial employment agreement.

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