Parents Invited to Give Lessons in Changde Zhilan Experimental School's Primary Unit

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On Sept. 22nd, the first parents’ class of the primary school of Changde Zhilan Experimental School was open to the public. Among the parents invited to give lessons to students, some are police, doctors, psychological therapists, and some veterans, tea culture fans. They brought professional knowledge and skills into the classroom to widen the horizon of the children.

Zhang Hangyu’s mother, a doctor, explained to the students about the importance of teeth, the correct way to brush teeth and the emergency treatment in case of accidental injury. Xiao Chuyi's father, a traffic policeman, introduced the duty and responsibilities of the traffic police to the students based on his work experience. Parents believe that "Parent Class" is a good bridge to connect school, parents and students.

The Parent Class in the primary school was launched this semester and will be held once a month, and has attracted a lot of parents. More than 50 parents gave lesson in 43 classes in its first session.


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