Mid-Autumn Festival Party Held in Changde Science and Technology Museum

Source:常德政府网 Date:2021-09-23 14:05:24 【Fonts:Small Big

On Sept. 21st, Changde Science and Technology Museum held the Mid Autumn Festival Party to promote traditional Chinese culture, spread scientific ideas and popularize scientific knowledge.

With the moon being the theme of the festival, activities in the festival integrate traditional games with modern scientific knowledge. Tourists participated in traditional games such as lantern riddles, pot-throwing, archery and paper cutting, along with scientific ones such as Knowledge Q & A and the production of small solar fans.

Accompanied by his father, Luo, a seventh grader from Changde No. 3 Middle School, won souvenirs from guessing riddles. He was excited to learn knowledge outside classroom teaching and would definitely visit the museum again. The tourists enhanced pride and confidence in traditional culture by experiencing the rich and colorful traditional folk culture, and they also improved their scientific literacy in the activity.


Translator : Guo Weifeng

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