Demonstration Meeting Organized to Promote Changde Kennel Regulations

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On Sept. 17th, the Legislative Affairs Committee of Changde Municipal People’s Congress organized a demonstration meeting on Changde Kennel Regulations (Draft) and Changde Civilized Behavior Regulations (Draft). The meeting invited experts in the fields of law, education, culture, health, animal husbandry and fishery, social welfare, etc. along with relevant principals of pet diagnosis and treatment institutions.

The demonstration meeting is a key measure for the Standing Committee of Changde Municipal People’s Congress to strictly implement the requirements of the newly-revised administrative punishment law, which fully reflects the spirit of democratic legislation, scientific legislation and legislation according to law. In the meeting, experts discussed the legitimacy of the new punishment law. They also gave advice on various issues such as kennel regulations on numbers, charges, dog-walking, stray dog management, as well as those on the catering protocol, smoking control, the conduct code of taxi drivers, public rental vehicle management, marriage and funeral ceremony arrangement, and tattoo control.

Since the start of the work, the legislative committee has been seeking opinions through new media platforms. It received more than 2,000 valid questionnaires and more than 10,000 suggestions from the public.


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