Changde Concludes the Campaign of Rectification of Fireworks & Firecrackers Business

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On September 18, Changde Municipal Emergency Management Bureau announced that the campaign the city had launched to rectify misconducts in fireworks and firecrackers business ended on August 31. In the campaign, the bureau detected and dealt with 1,850 hidden dangers, required 507 unqualified retail stores to improve so as to reach the standard, closed 364 stores, filed 31 cases for investigation, imposed an overall fine of over 50,0000 Yuan, confiscated and destroyed more than 8,000 pieces of fireworks and firecrackers. It also filed a case to investigate 1 wholesale fireworks & firecrackers enterprise, and urged 3 wholesale enterprises to go through cancellation procedures.

The campaign started on July 13th, which focused on rectifying 12 illegal acts in the wholesale business and 11 illegal ones in the retail business. From July 20 to Aug. 20, the emergency management bureaus of districts and countries in Changde carried out joint operations with local public security bureaus, market supervision departments, etc. and exposed these illegal cases. From Sept. 16 to Sept. 18, Changde Municipal Emergency Management Bureau, together with Changde Municipal Public Security Bureau, Changde Market Supervision Bureau and Changde Fire Department, carried out inspections on fireworks production, marketing and retailing. A total of 8 production enterprises in Linli County, 3 wholesale enterprises and 20 retail stores in Shimen  County and Dingcheng District were inspected.


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