Comfortable Housing Project Houses 261,000 Households in Changde

Source:常德政府网 Date:2021-09-18 11:10:47 【Fonts:Small Big

Recently, the reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-rural Development that the bureau has continuously ensured and improved people’s livelihood in the process of development. In the past five years, a total of 163,700 households in urban shantytowns have been renovated, 6,600 public rental houses have been built, 90,700 households have been granted rental subsidies, and 261,000 households have been solved housing problems.

In the shantytown reconstruction project, combining with urban development, the Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-rural Development has promoted shantytown reconstruction to gradually transform from a single project into a combination of points and surfaces and area reconstruction. The plans of “Three Vertical Belts, Four Horizontal Belts and Five Areas Reconstruction” have been confirmed in the urban area. For example, Linjiang district, the northern end of Taohuayuan Bridge and the eastern part of the city have become successful models of area reconstruction; the Old West Gate shantytown renovation project has preserved and restored Changde Battle Blockhouse, Yinzi House (a kind of Dong minority residential building) and other historical and cultural relics, becoming a cultural and tourist block in the city.

While vigorously implementing the project to improve people’s living environment, our city has also launched the renovation of old residential areas and actively prepared for public rental housing projects. In 2019, 173 old residential areas were renovated; in 2020, construction began on 258 old residential areas. Construction has started on all 6,624 units of public rental housing, including 1,790 units completed in 2019, with 192 allocated, and 4,834 units started in 2020.


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