Drama General Geng Biao Staged in Changde

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On the evening of September 12th, the drama General Geng Biao, an excellent red one in the series of “Odes to the Age”, was staged at the Cultural Center. Geng Yan, the daughter of Geng Biao and vice president of the Yan’an Spiritual Research Association of China, and Yang Yiwen, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, watched the performance with hundreds of citizens and received the baptism of red education.


The Performance Scene of Drama General Geng Biao


The large-scale original drama General Geng Biao selects the most representative and typical events in the glorious life of the proletarian revolutionist General Geng Biao, and fully reproduces his epic and magnificent life as a time-tested communist fighter and outstanding general of People’s Liberation Army of China. It attempts to explore his ideological realm and spiritual height by describing his actions and reflections at important historical junctures.

The special performance of the drama General Geng Biao in Changde aims to guide the majority of the Communist Party members and cadres in the city to strengthen their ideals and beliefs and inherit the red gene through the form of literature and art, which has been unanimously praised by the audiences.


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