Hunan Paddle Tennis Invitational Tournament Held in Changde

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On September 10th, the 2021 Hunan Paddle Tennis Invitational Tournament kicked off at the Changde National Fitness Service Center. The event attracted nearly 50 paddle tennis enthusiasts from Changsha, Xiangtan and other cities in Hunan province.

The competition consists of three groups: guest group, mixed doubles and men’s doubles. After a day and night of intense competition, the men’s doubles champion was Peng Gang and Zeng Xiaohong, the mixed doubles champion was Peng Gang and Deng Hongying, and the guest group champions were won by Peng Wenbin and Yuan Jiawei.

Paddle tennis originated in Mexico and combines the technical characteristics of tennis, squash, badminton, table tennis and other sports. It is a ball game played on a fully enclosed dedicated court and a mass sport that has flourished in China in recent years. This paddle tennis invitational tournament is the first sports event held in Changde that integrates training and competition. It aims to enhance the influence and popularity of paddle tennis in Changde and add new highlights to the city’s national fitness sports.


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