Changde Launches “World First Aid Day” Publicity Activities

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This year’s September 11 is the 22nd “World First Aid Day” with the theme of “Being a First Aid Hero in the School Community”. In order to make more people master first aid knowledge and skills, at 9 am on September 11, the Red Cross, the Emergency Management Bureau, and the Red Cross Water Rescue Volunteer Service Team of Changde held an event in the Poetry Wall Park. The main content of the propaganda activities is “rescue drills of drowning prevention and popularization of rescue knowledge”.

On that day, there were many tourists in the Poetry Wall Park. Together with the students, parents and volunteers who came to participate in the activity, the total number of people in the activity was nearly 300. In the event, the masses were organized to watch the water rescue exercise on the Yuanjiang River and cardiopulmonary resuscitation exercise. Volunteers simulated a drowning man calling for help on the water. The rescue team made an on-site display of rescue operations relying on lifeboats, lifebuoys and other equipment. The citizens at the scene actively asked questions and participated in the practice of cardiopulmonary resuscitation skills.

Jiang Jianlong, the full-time vice president of Changde Red Cross Society, said that the current situation of drowning prevention in Changde City is still severe. It is the common responsibility of the whole society to popularize the knowledge of emergency rescue and protect the lives and health of the people. The work of preventing young people from drowning is a long-term systematic project. Only when the whole society is working together can we prevent the occurrence of student drowning.


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